Retail Payment Processing Service

Customer’s expectation is soaring up, however, at the same time their patience and attention span is falling down. Hence, being a retailer you need to respect their time, money and preference at every point, if you really want to be in the business. And of the myriad of pro-customer measures, opting the right retail payment processing service is a crucial one to make it happen the just way. CinglePAY combines its payment gateway service with any Internet connected computer and turn it into an effective IP enabled point-of-sale (POS) system to let shoppers transact their bills easily and securely.

Retail Payment Processing Service

Benefits at a Glance

Faster Checkout Times

Deal with more shoppers in less time, and meet your sales goal. How? Making their shopping trips a little faster by speeding up checkout process.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate multiple dedicated telephone lines. Reduce not just telecom rentals but also manpower expenses and streamline sales operation.

Increased Productivity

Integrate payment database into your enterprise resource planning and let your people have the right information at the right time.

Stability and Reliability

Rival largest brands, stores, and e-retailers. Enjoy high speed processing and handle millions of transactions every moth.

24/7 Support

Focus on your core job of doing sales and collecting payments without getting puzzled with technical issues, because we stand by you 24/7.

No Obligation Merchant Account Pre-Application