We push harder to help you achieve more so that you grow and sustain in a competitive environment. Lower rates, faster account setup, unmatched flexibility, and sensitive and free 24/7 customer care service would make your going smooth and flawless with our payment processing service. Figure out the benefit in a jiffy with the comparison chart below.

Merchant Service Industry Standard CinglePAY What makes us Different?
Merchant Account application fee $95 to $250 FREE No need to pay
Time to funding: Visa, MC, and Discover 2 to 5 business days 1 day Your cash flow should be faster
Personal account representative No yes We are there to help
Time to funding: American Express 3 to 5 business days 1day Your cash flow should be faster
Setup fee: Visa & MC, debit & credit processing $49 to $150 FREE No need to pay
Setup fee: Discover processing $25 to $50 FREE No need to pay
Equipment programming and shipping Handled by third parties We do it all One-stop destination for you
Setup fee: American Express processing $25 to $50 FREE no need to pay
Check acceptance by web, phone & fax $300 FREE no need to pay
Web shopping cart $300 FREE no need to pay
Account approval time 1 to 2 weeks 24-72 hours We value your time
Credit restrictions Strict Flexible Your business needs flexibility
Technical support hours 8am to 8pm Mon. to Fri. 24X7 Ensure nonstop business
Retail discount rate (in-person sales) 1.95% 1.09%* You pay lesser
Internet / Mail / Phone order discount rate 2.95% 1.79%** You pay lesser
Transaction fee $.25-$.50 cents per transaction $.17-$.31 cents per transaction You pay lesser
Statement fees $12-$20 per month Free No need to pay
Processing bank Well Fargo Bank You deserve the best