Mobile/Wireless Payment Processing Service

Nowadays, customers are mobile and so should be your business or POS (point-of-sale). Be ready to do business wherever your customers are – at their homes, exhibitions, sporting events, open markets or anywhere else – with a mobile payment gateway. Don’t be reluctant, because once you failed, your arch rivals are there to take your place and reap the benefit. Remember, in the digital world, your competitors are just a click away from the prospects or customers. Hence, adopt the mobile or wireless payment processing service from CinglePAY, respect their space and time and make their shopping convenient and faster.

Interestingly, the wireless payment processing service takes your business beyond the concrete and mortar walls and allows sales team to close more leads and achieve more transactions while keeping operational costs at low and customer-satisfaction at high.

Mobile/ Wireless Payment Processing Service

Benefits at a Glance

Increased Sales

No phone lines needed. Accept credit or debit card payments anywhere and pursue your sale objective wherever your customer is.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Worry-free experience matters a lot. With secure data transmission and fraud alert system win the confidence of your customer.

Customize Interactions

Let your sales representatives deliver customized acknowledgements with business logo to the customer against the transacted payment.

Better Management & Reporting

Sync all transaction details along with card images from different terminals with your admin merchant center for effective business management. 

Free Customer Support

From getting started to problem troubleshooting – find instant help at every step to keep the mobile payment gateway service uninterrupted. 

No Obligation Merchant Account Pre-Application