Mail/Phone Order Payment Processing Service

Take and process orders and accept payments on mail or phone with our CinglePAY payment processing service in place. Manually key in your customer’s credit or debit card number on your Internet-based card machine to debit payment or ask the customer to transact the payment following the SSL encrypted IVR service on his/her phone without revealing his/her confidential information to your staff.

CinglePAY provisions out-of-the-box customer management tools to let you track each and every card transaction from anywhere, anytime, using any Internet connected device. Thus, we help our clients to drive sales and reap better ROI (return on investment).

Mail/Phone Order Payment Processing Service

Benefits at a Glance

Unmatched Security

Establishes secure communication among the card machine, the card issuing branch & the merchant account to ensure worry-free payment transaction.

High Performance

Allows millions of transactions every month to help you rival with the largest brand. We keep a strict vigil to keep the service always up and running.

Unlimited Users

Entertains multiple shoppers across your network. Deal with multiple goods and services anywhere, anytime without missing out an opportunity.

Industry-Leading Security

Protects sensitive customer information using the highest levels of encryption and security protocols available in the industry.

Comprehensive Reporting

Helps you do real-time tracking of supply and demand. Thus, keep your business operations running at their peak and customers satisfied.

Free Customer Support

Helps you overcome any technical issues to usher your customers into an uninterrupted and secured payment transaction experience.

No Obligation Merchant Account Pre-Application