e-Commerce Payment Processing Service

With each passing day, the world of e-Commerce is evolving and so is our payment processing service with a bid to facilitate flexibility, simplicity and security to the merchant and shopper both.

Searching for the reliable online bill payment services? Look no further then, CinglePAY.com has got it right for you. Apart from that, experienced professionals equipped with the right set of programming tools and expertise can help you to successfully integrate the electronic bill payment system into a custom Web site or other commerce application. Leverage the multiple payment options, stringent fraud protection techniques and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security tool integrated with our e-Commerce payment processing solution to allow customers shop and transact confidently and smartly.

e-Commerce Payment Processing Service

Benefits at a Glance

Accept Payments Via any Channel

All major credit cards, eCheck.Net (electronic checks from bank accounts), gift cards, and signature debit cards.

Manage Your Transactions

Monitor and control payments with any Internet connected device using built-in Merchant Interface.

Prevent Fraud

Identify and check suspicious transactions with integrated value-added fraud tools.

Risk Management

Transaction sensitive records rests in our PCI-compliant data center, never on your computer.

Receive Payments Quickly

In no time after the transaction happens, funds get deposited in your bank account.

Free Help

Our technical and account support desk makes sure that the payment processing system works smoothly.

No Obligation Merchant Account Pre-Application